Cartoon Hd app for android: free movies & shows

Hi all our beloved readers. Today we are going to get the in-depth details of one of the most popular app for free movies and TV shows. It’s name is cartoon hd app and it is quite popular nowadays.

Let’s get a brief about what the app is and how does it works! The cartoon hd app is available for both android as well as IOS.

You can also use it for Windows or PC by applying a little trick. That trick will be discussed here in brief.

The latest android version present in market is of 3.0.0 which was updated in last december 2018. After that no major update has been seen but minor errors are solved with regular new updates which are given here for free.

What you have to know about cartoon hd app is how does it works and what does it gives.

Cartoon Hd app brief details

cartoon hd apk
Cartoon hd app

Cartoon hd is available for free over internet. It is an application made for surfing and downloading paid movies & tv shows for free. The app is popular because of it’s smaller size.

The latest version of the app is just of 2.11Mb which is just a two thousand of kbs. This becomes a good alternative if you always have less internal storage on your smartphone and don’t want to increase the load further.

What are we going to learn here?

We will come to know the salient features of cartoon hd apk on this page. The downloading & installation procedure of the app. The pros and cons of the app. And some bonus alternatives of it.

Let’s start from the brief description of the app as stated by the production house of the application.

According to them, Cartoon HD is an app which provides paid content which are available only on subscription based website for free over internet. Anybody who has an active data connection can use the app for free.

The application is totally free to use with no hidden charges and subscriptions. This points out one of the most frequently asked question about apps like this.

Is cartoon hd app safe to use?

The answer is obviously NO, as we know that downloading or watching paid content for free is piracy and this is against the laws. This is the only reason for the non-availability of the app on playstore and due to which you have to search for the apk on internet to get websites like us.

Don’t get depressed as you won’t go empty handed from here. we will surely provide you the apk of the app for your daily use. We update the app regularly on the website for providing quality content to the users.

Important features of the cartoon Hd apk

Now, Since you are ready to download the app. You would be thinking why to download it and what features you will get.

This is a common question arising the most of the user’s mind. So Friends, here are some of the salient features of the apk.

These features make it differ from other free content providing apps like showbox , popcorn time, terrarium tv etc.,

1. Completely free Usage

This is one of the most important feature because of which most users tend to use the app. In this world of competition, the middle class has very less time to spend on tv or money to spend on entertainment. Thus we are used to search for free alternatives of TV.

This is one of the best alternative for it and also for subscription based websites/apps like netflix, amazon prime video, Hulu etc.,

Why don’t you download the app and try on your own. Since, as per my knowledge once you start using it. You won’t be able to get through it.

2. Custom option for viewing.

Sometimes we like to watch the movie later and don’t want to watch it right now. At those times, you can download the movie and watch it later on. If you want to surf it now, you can do that as well.

Just download the video if you want to watch it right now. You can also bookmark the video so that you can watch it later without fail.

3. Faster updates and within the app.

Basically for most of the apps you have to download the latest apk by searching it over internet or if it is from playstore then you have to update it from there. But here it isn’t a problem.

Latest updates of the apk is directly available within the app and you can download and update in anytime as per your convenience. But for that you have to allow installations permission for the cartoon hd app from settings. So, when you download the update it can be installed within the app.

This is a smart feature which i personally like since most of the apps doesn’t have it. You have to search for the latest download links once the apk is outdated.

Multiple options for resolutions

You can watch a TV show or movie in any resolution which you like and is available. You will be thinking why should i watch in a lower resolution if higher is present? The answer is, sometimes we don’t get enough internet speed or less data pack and at that time we can’t simply watch in higher resolution.

At that times, you can still enjoy your favorite stuff in lower resolution without any problem. It is just as easy as reading this post. I think I’m entertaining 😛.

Unlimited movies & TV shows

I know most of you already know this feature. Since, it is the feature due to which you are searching for it’s apk. But still i had to write about it.

Cartoon HD has a large variety and range of movies & shows which are loved by all of us. This gives us a easy choice to select what we want to watch.

Now, After such a long description of the app and it’s features. Let’s know about the downloading and installation procedure. It is the thing for which you are reading all this mess right?

Download cartoon hd apk for android

cartoon hd app download

You can download the apk directly from the download button. We have minimal ads which won’t be obstructing the download procedure. Still if you face any problems then inform us from the comment section.

After downloading the apk from above, you have to tweak the factory settings. Since from basic the settings doesn’t allow installation of apk from unknown sources.

Install cartoon hd app on android

To install the apk on android smartphone, you will have to tweak the factory settings if not done yet. Just follow the steps below and you will be ready to install it.

  • First of all go to the settings of your smartphone. Every smartphone has their own ways to go to settings. Normally the settings option will be on the upper right corner.
  • After going to settings click on security options.
  • You can see the allow unknown sources option.
  • Just tick on it. Now, you can easily install any apk from any unknown source.
  • In latest smartphones you have to allow the particular app from where you are installing the apk.
  • Just like if you have downloaded the apk from chrome then you have to allow it for google chrome.
  • If you have already got it in your file manager, then you have to allow unknown source installation for your file manager.
  • Easy! isn’t it? If you still get any error or problem then feel free to share it with us.

By following the above procedure you can install the apk on your android smartphone.

The app is also available for IOS and PC which are described in detail on our website. For more details of the apk comment below or go to about us section.

Why the app isn’t available on playstore?

The app serves pirated content which is obviously against playstore guidelines which is the reason it is not available on playstore.

If you have any query regarding it then message us.

The app isn’t working!

Check your internet connection. Maybe you don’t have a working internet connection. Since, the app is working fine and it doesn’t have any problem as of now.

How to solve no internet connection error?

Many of you might get an error of no internet connection in the apk. This is due to fluctuations in the internet. You can simply switch to airplane mode and get back to network.

By doing this, the app should start working.

I am unable to download any movie or tv shows!

Just check for permissions. You probably won’t have allowed the permission for the app. The app requires storage permission to use it for saving the downloaded content on your smartphone.

What next?

Enjoy the app on your smartphone till next update. We will take care of those updates. You won’t have to worry about anything. Just bookmark us for more details and updates of the app.