Alternative of cartoon hd apk – best free softwares for movies & tv shows

After using cartoon HD, we are here to give our users some more apps like that. here is a list of cartoon HD app alternative which you will love.

Cartoon HD is an app which gives free movies and TV shows to its users. this movies and TV shows are available via paid subscriptions or in cinema theatres.

Many a times we are not able to go to theatres to watch this movies at those Times cartoon HD app is an alternative for watching them.

Here are some apps which work ok same as cartoon HD or can be better than that so have a look at them.

Best alternatives of cartoon HD app

we are going to list some best apps apart from listing all the crap apps or websites.

1. Showbox

On the top of the list showbox secure its position. As showbox is one of the most widely used app for free movies and TV shows.

It has some amazing features along with a great user interface and multiple resolution options. showbox was down for some days but now it is again up and running so you can have a look at it.

it is one of the best alternative for cartoon HD application.

2. Popcorn time

Popcorn time is the name which come to my mind when I search of free movies and TV shows. it has almost all the Netflix series and movies uploaded on it.

The application is free for all and easy to use even if it is used by a child or buy a old age guy. you can easily get its download link, by searching for it on Google.

3. Terrarium tv (titanium tv)

Titanium tv which was earlier known as terrarium TV is a free app to watch and download latest movies and TV shows.

It was famous for a long time earlier but but in last few months it was down in its latest update which was thought as the end of the app. Now it is back with the new name which is Titanium TV.

4. Tv tap

Last but not least, tv tap is one of the most trending app for free movies and tv shows. The app is free to download and use.

This app is trending in Italy and also in most of the northern countries. You can have a look at it if you are really interested in alternatives of cartoon HD app.

This what’s the list of alternative which you can download if you are bored of cartoon HD app. If you know some more interesting apps then comment below we will love to read it and add it in the list.