Cartoon HD App Alternatives For Android, iOS and PC

By | November 14, 2017

You really get happy when you could watch your best TV shows and movies on your device easily. Cartoon HD app is a great app just for watching your favorite movies on your Android, PC, iOS, etc. It is one of the best and well-known apps that help you to stream and watch movies and TV shows in HD channels. This app is simple, and anyone can easily operate the app. You can download the movies to watch it later or you can stream it online.

But sometimes the Cartoon HD app does not work properly and you get annoyed with it. That is the reason we bought for you the list of alternatives for Cartoon HD app. Let us inspect below…

Cartoon HD App Alternatives For Android, iOS, and PC:

Nowadays, Cartoon HD app is bringing so many errors like updating and sometimes while watching your favorite cartoon show the link gets disconnected or network issue and so on and so forth. Today while watching any movies the connection might be good but tomorrow again there might be an issue. This issue is not primary, but everything became so automatic that people want it perfect.

Here are the lists of Cartoon HD app alternatives….

1.  Movie Box:

Movie Box App is also similar to Cartoon HD App as it has the same features. With the help of this movie box app, you can watch any movies online as well as you can download both the old and new movies and watch it during your free hours. It automatically updates new movies and TV shows and videos. This app is a user-friendly app which means you don’t need much knowledge to operate this app. You can watch your favorite shows on any channels you prefer and also movies are available in different genres. And last but not the least the app is available free of cost.

2. Popcorn Time Android Popcorn Time Android app is specially designed for your Android device, but now it is made available on your iOS as well as Linux device. If you feel like watching your favorite TV shoes or latest movies, cartoons then you can add those in the option Favorites. The most interesting thing is that all the movies you can watch in HD quality with different font colors, themes, and subtitles. You can even change the size of the fonts and enjoy streaming any movies or shows of your choice as it’s totally free. You can either download or watch latest movies online.

3. Showbox App

Cartoon hd apkThis is another alternative app of Cartoon HD. This app is awesome for entertainment purpose as you can stream hundreds of movies, cartoons, and other TV series in just one app. You can say it is a full entertainment package with awesome features. Through huge gallery, the users can watch new and old movies as well as cartoons, etc. Just type in the search box and watch anything of your choice. All the series can be watched in HD screen quality which makes this app as one of the best apps. It is available freely just download it from here or from the official link.

4. Crackle App

Cartoon hd app imagesAround 30 million active users are finding the Crackle app the best. Just like the Cartoon HD app, it has stunning features. This app has an option Watch Later that means you can watch your movies or videos later. With the help of this app, you can download any Hollywood films and TV series free and at any time. It has unique features like resuming and fast forwarding and also pause option which makes easier for you to watch online movies. You can watch movies either on 3G or proper Wi-Fi connection.

5.      Terrarium TV App

Cartoon hd appTerrarium TV app is also the similar apps like Cartoon HD. It allows you to watch any movies online in HD quality or else you can also download it and watch it later offline. There are multiples of subtitles available which makes it convenient to watch. You can bookmark it and watch your best movies anytime. It has great collections of movies and shows, and everything is for free.


The above-mentioned app is the lists of the best alternatives Cartoon HD app. You can download and install any one of the above-mentioned apps and enjoy watching your movies.

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