Showbox app – Best app for free movies & TV shows

Hey readers! Here we are going to discuss about one more app same as cartoon hd apk which is famous among all of us. It is the Showbox app, One of the best app till date for free movies & tv shows.

Why should i use showbox apk if i already have cartoon hd app installed on my smartphone?

One of the most raised question in your minds. The answer is, Showbox has a wide variety of features which much required features and a bigger library of movies & tv shows. It also has movies which aren’t available on cartoon hd app.

What is showbox app?

Showbox app download

Showbox is a free to use and download app with no hidden charges or subscription fees which gives great entertainment on the go. You don’t have to spend a penny on it.

It doesn’t has any signups or login. Just asks the age and gender to give you personalized content. It is a misbelief according to which showbox shares the details of users with movies studios. This myth has still not proved. So, we shouldn’t rely on it if you really want to get an alternative for cartoon hd.

It offers free movies & tv shows which are available with paid subscriptions on netflix and amazon prime or hulu etc.,

Showbox has a better User interface and fast updates due to which the latedt version of showbox is of v5.3 while for cartoon hd it’s v3.0.0.

Where can i download the showbox apk?

showbox apk download

Showbox isn’t available on playstore since it gives pirated content for free which is against policy rules of playstore. You can download the apk from official showbox site. The link to official showbox is given below which can be used to download and install the apk.

Before going to the above link to download the showbox apk. You can read about the features of apk.

Features of showbox app

Here we will discuss about the features which are present in showbox which makes it much better than other apps providing the same content.

Multiple video resolutions

At showbox, It scrapes torrent links of given movies or tv shows from internet due to which it gives a very good option of choosing the resolution.

It gives more than 10 resolutions for a single video from different Download websites. You can choose any as per your convenience which gives you better download speed.

Better User Interface

I am insisting on this for many times and when you start using the app. You will get to know that i was right. It has the best clean user interface and any age user can use it as per their convenience without any problem.

You can easily get the download links of the movies and tv shows. Just search for the movie or tv shows click on download and select any download link.

Multiple subtitles

Want to watch a tv show your friends are talking about? Don’t understand the language? Not a problem. You can download subtitles in your native language and watch the tv show easily. It gives a wide variety of subtitles for you.

Just search for the subtitles section and download whichever language you want.

Is showbox safe to download?

Showbox is an app which promotes piracy and watching pirated content is illegal so ultimately it is not right to use it. But still many of us use it in our day to day life without any harm.

The app doesn’t comprises google play policy that’s the reason why the app isn’t available on playstore. But you can download the app from the official showbox website which is given above for free.

The app is 100% free and working. Latest versions of the apk are uploaded everyday for free. Bookmark us for more details. Thankyou.